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Mindset to Millionaire

Second Edition

The biggest asset, and biggest liability we have are inextricably linked – like light and darkness. The one thing the can lead us to success or push us into failure is our mind. The only tool we have to navigate it is our mindset. Author, Mitch A. Nelson takes us through the 7 keys of the truly wealthy. He helps us understand the difference in mentality of the poor and the wealthy and lays out practices that will set you up for success for years to come.

Mindset to Millionaire: 7 Keys to Becoming a Real Estate Millionaire lays out the foundation needed to not only become rich, but to build true wealth and to KEEP IT.

It will help you understand why the wealthy invest and what vehicles they invest their money in. It will explore the basics of real estate investing, why it’s one of the best investment vehicles and how the wealthy use it to hold their money and make more money with their money. You will even explore how to get started in Real Estate investing even if you have little or no money or credit of your own. These and other keys will help you change your mindset and set you on the path to becoming a Real Estate Millionaire!

Change Your Mindset...

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