Getting A Job Is A 150 Year Old Scam

Getting A Job Is A 150 Year Old Scam

Let me be frank with you. If you think that adulting means going and getting a job, then you've fallen into a hundred and fifty-year-old trap.

Before the Industrial Revolution, most people were entrepreneurs. People were farmers, they were merchants, and they were blacksmiths and cobblers. The idea of having a job didn't really exist until these huge corporations, like General Steel and Standard Oil, started popping up. People like Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller, and JP Morgan, were really the pioneers of the idea of employment. They didn't have people to work in the factories, so what they did is they got together, and this was before all the big super-pac laws and the campaign funding laws, but they got together with President McKinley and they super funded his campaign to make sure that he'd win. And when he won, the wealthy owed him some favors.

So, what they asked for was a federalized education system that would teach people that they need to go into the workforce in order to create a future for themselves. This whole paradigm shift happened because these few men. These few wealthy people needed to essentially brainwash Americans that they needed to have jobs to be considered up with the times.

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