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The Wealthy Have 2 Major Things in Common

I wanted to share with you some of the habits of working. Now, it’s important to understand the difference between a wealthy person at a rich person. A wealthy person is someone who’s completely changed their mindset. Someone who understands how to make money and how to keep that money, and make that money work…
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You Are Invited To Visit Our Community of Local Real Estate Investors

Hello, A lot of people have asked what we do and it’s very simple, we help individuals who are w-2 employees actually get paid what they’re worth. A few years ago I had a mentor who asked me this question, “How many W-2 individuals do you know who are wealthy?” I knew very little, but…
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Crypto Craze

Everybody’s talking about Bitcoin [and other crypto currencies] right now. The people who invested recently are seeing massive returns. The thing that concerns me about that is it’s been around less than a decade. We have had a chance to watch what Bitcoin does in different market trends. We don’t know what happens when the…
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