You Can Invest In Real Estate Even If You Are Broke

You Can Invest In Real Estate Even If You Are Broke

"It's a great concept, but how I can invest in something if I keep a little to nothing in my name at the end of each month?"

You don't need money to invest. The employee mindset thinks in those two currencies: time and money. You think you need to trade your time to make money, to save up money, to invest. When you have the access to the five currencies that the wealthy use, you don't need it.

In fact, over the last four years that I've been investing, I've used none of my own money in doing fix and flips. In fact, the two currencies that I've used more than any other have been knowledge and relationships. That protects me from having to use my own money and my own time.

As I increased my knowledge, I created an asset for relationships that I have to add money, to be able to use their money to go do it, because they trusted the knowledge that I had.

So, as you increase your knowledge and your relationships, it eliminates the need for you to use your own time and your own money to go out and do these investments.

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